Monday, February 13, 2017

Raul Penaranda NYFW 2017

It's New York Fashion Week once again. The cold weather didn't stop the fashionistas, buyers, fashion bloggers, press and others looking for a chance to see Raul Penaranda's fabulous new collection at his show, presented at the Society of Illustrators. I was asked to sketch the models during the event, along with three other illustrators who also happen to be great friends. It's always a bit nerve racking sketching live when people are looking over your shoulder and beside you and watching every brush stroke! After half an hour - and some very nice wine - I started to relax and just enjoy the atmosphere, the fashion and the very fact that I was sketching at the Society of Illustrators during New York Fashion Week. I used to read about fashion illustrators in NYC when I was a kid and they all had a connection with the Society. Sometimes it's good to just savor the moment!

Fast and furious ink sketches - Photo: Milton Paez

From left: Stefano Imbert, Cliff Faust, Raul Penaranda, Ellie Rahim, Bil Donovan, John Capobianco

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