Thursday, June 23, 2011

Less is More

My illustrative style has always been very detailed and technically highly finished. That was always my instinct from the days as a teenager when I was drawing very detailed graphite drawings of celebrities. Sketching was never my strong point. I could never leave anything 'unfinished'. Now I am leaning towards 'less is more'. I love a loose, free style, expressive in emotion and spirit. Oh I still like the highly detailed work but why not attempt both? On my fashion illustration course we had to draw a portrait for our homework. I chose to do mine in a very loose, simple style. I really am pleased with the result as it is so different from how I usually work. Unfortunately, the brown kraft paper I was using really crumpled up with the ink so I edited it in Photoshop and slipped in a flat background. Apart from a little tonal eyeshadow and lipstick, I have left everything the same as in the original.

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